Dialogue for the Future Project

Starting January 2020 to December 2020. This project offers a framework for senior level politicians, both men and women, to engage with citizens as partners, nd as force multipliers, to catalyze the transformation of Kisumu & Nandi through enhanced dialogue. If successful, the Dialogue Platform could serve as a nascent peacebuilding strategy at the national level, which is currently lacking. The Dialogue Platform will do this by combining top-down with bottom up approaches to peacebuilding (i.e. by linking high-level politics with low-level civic and inter-cultural dialogue activities), raising visibility and public awareness, and by ensuring synergy and complementarity of activities. Finally, the Dialogue Platform and Initiatives would in future be able to strengthen implicit dialogue or inter-cultural elements of a broader set of initiatives in the arts, cultural heritage and education areas. The project would be able to strategically coordinate with such initiatives to provide support and build further dialogue opportunities. In summary, this project is catalytic in that it launches an initiative for longer-term peace building efforts; and in that it undertakes an innovative and politically sensitive intervention where other actors are reluctant to intervene explicitly

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We hope to utilize our effective behavior-change Radio Drama strategy to promote dialogue for peace-building, empower the youth and local leaders, and harness the growing potential of radio drama conflict prevention/ resolution, promotion of tolerance, dialogue, and constructive solutions-oriented approached to local conflicts. The overall goal of this project is to strengthen Kenya’s fragile context by shifting attitudes and behaviours of the Kenyan population away from adversarial intolerant approaches towards greater tolerance, inclusiveness and understanding among the country’s various regional, ethnic and socio-economic groups for peace and stability. OutMost Media aims at addressing the root causes of conflicts in Kenya and strengthen the capacity to prevent and resolve conflicts peacefully in particular using local values and endogenous practices of a culture of peace and stability. OutMost Media advises County governments on community-based communication to counter negative ethnicity . In addition, OutMost Media conducts workshops on media and peace-building.

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The radio dramas, inspires young Kenyans by engaging them in the decision-making process. Featuring a groundbreaking interactive format, the drama provides scenes and characters from Kenyan culture that encourage audiences to relate to everyday challenges in their own lives. With storylines that depict challenges in achieving social justice; choices on how to deal with conflict in peaceful ways; and educational awareness campaign on HIV/AIDS, Entreprenuership, Climate and Environmental Conservation, crime, drugs abuse, loyal youth listeners play an active role in determining how characters overcome these obstacles. OutMost Media partners with Community Radio Stations to broadcast the dramas to a national audience. .

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The training is intended to mentor and use our youth media trainers to pass knowledge and skills to their colleagues on different relevant topics in youth participation, content production and peaceful conflict resolution. The two week in-depth training basically addressed methodology and didactics of youth trainings and gives the participants an opportunity to make presentations.The training is conducted in modules.

The main objective for the training is to vet potential trainers amongst youth media trainers and mentor them and consequently, have suitable trainers for some of our 2019 training activities and to build up a pool of trainers which we can used for our capacity building program now and in the future.

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Local Content Development.

OutMost Media Development was engaged for three months; in a project to build the capacity of community media in Kenya to be able to develop, produce and share local content. The focus of the project was to support the collaboration between community theatre groups/artists and community radio stations to generate content on the priority issues in their communities, develop the issues into radio drama shows which can be presented on air at the community radio stations, at community social centres and online platforms.

The community radio stations worked in collaboration with community theatre groups and artists to identify the issues of priority interest in their communities from which they developed and produced a series of drama shows which were presented on air at the community radio stations, at community social centres and youth centres.

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Youth Leaders for Peace Theatre Project

Youth Leaders for Peace Theatre Project (YLTP) is a collaborative theatre-based program that provides violence prevention and leadership training for youth that ran from 2019 to 2020. The project promotes meaningful dialogue amongst diverse cultures to help reduce racism and youth violence. Youth meet weekly with trained professional artists to collaboratively create theatre that explores their community’s stories of trauma, conflict and violence. Under the guidance of the artists, diverse youth discover their common ground and common struggles. YLTP results in powerful theatre performances that represent the diverse and too rarely heard voices of our young people.

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The Peace Camp Project

Every December, OutMost Media Development runs a three-week Peace Camp where 12 accomplished professional artists and 12 youth and junior guides work with 40 children aged 8-13 in a collaborative process to create an original production complete with original musical score and visual production pieces, based on explorations of relevant social issues and the children's visions of peace.

Each year the work poses questions for the children to explore, and invites them to examine and question the world they live in, a world that often celebrates acts of violence, yet at the same time produces acts of heart stopping courage, kindness and humility. Peace Camp gives children who have been exposed to conflict a means of working through it, resulting in some of the best theatre Kenya has to offer.

Project Future

FOutMost Media Development celebrates the voices of cultural and youth artists while offering mentorship and tools for a new future. Working with an incredible line up of leading artists from multi-disciplinary backgrounds, Project Future was a pilot project that conducted 20 weeks of land-based creative development and permaculture earthwork for young media and cultural artists.

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Conflict Transformation Workshop

Conflict Transformation is a workshop that can take place in our beautiful home in the woods or at your school or at your workplace. All Conflict Transformation workshops are led by a team of professional theatre artists. Through movement, improvisation, role play and group discussions, participants experience conflict as a creative force and peace as an action we can choose to engage.

We gladly tailor our workshops to meet any specific topics, needs or interests (e.g. bullying, equity issues, exploring conflict through history). We are developing new training packages and programs to provide anti-oppression and social justice awareness and capacity.

The workshops are intended to enhance team-building and help promote a healthy and supportive group dynamic. Participants will develop an understanding of their role in a conflict and will be better equipped to respond to and transform these situations.

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WASH Promotion through Participatory Education Theate- PET

In February-December 2018, OutMost Media Development trained three registered youth groups of a total of 30 members in the target communities on WASH and Theater for Development. These youth groups set up PET events aimed at particular audiences in their communities.

The project team feels that youth are the best group to engage in this activity because of their high energy and creative spirit. Furthermore, youth from within the local context understand the culture, language and the way of life of the community. With assistance from the program, youth groups created, organized and performed three different types of PET for safe WASH practices and relevant issues; Dramatic Play; Talk show; and Demonstrations.

Building the Creative and Technical Skill of the Future Generation


Young people are increasingly recognized as the best agents for change because they place a greater hope in their power to shape our future.Through film, photography, journalism, radio, digital media and theatre arts education,

OutMost Media Development gives individuals the creative and technical skills necessary to explore the concerns of their own communities and to express themselves creatively

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