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Communicating for Empowerment

OutMost Media is a Kenyan-based media development and communications organisation. We promote innovative ways of working with rapidly converging media to tackle communications challenges presented by conflict, fragile governance and poverty. OutMost Media delivers high quality advisory, research and analysis using cutting edge multi-media platforms to engage with clients, community and audiences...... .

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OutMost Media in collaboration with experts from development partners help to organize Exchanges, workshops that empower local peacebuilders ...

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While dialogue affects dozens, media impacts millions. We use media to stir up thoughts and discussions across a whole society about the root causes of violence ...

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We provide a safe space for people to work out their conflicts at the local level. With some creative thinking, we bring divided communities, neighbors, and families together to discover their common humanity..

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Who we are

OutMost Media Development is an nonprofit organization dedicated to creating positive social change for millions of underserved Kenyan people across the country by providing critically needed information and education. With award-winning expertise in communications for social change, OutMost Media combines innovative media programming with direct community engagement activities to inform, educate, and inspire individuals and communities, providing them with the skills and tools they need to improve their lives. .

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Radio drama have shown that they can be highly effective in communicating relatively complex ideas and concepts, and in changing behaviour. In many places around the world Radio dramas have proved their worth.

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Online-platforms and services of computer-mediated communication (CMC)—Wikipedia, Facebook, chat rooms, or email—allow citizens from around the world to contact others, to share and co-create content. Millions of Kenya use these services on a daily basis to stay in touch with family and friends, to organize projects and campaigns. In a Country that has over 90% mobile penetration and almost, with an estimated number of Internet users at 38 million. OutMost Media seeks to take advantage of its interactive affordances and connective qualities,

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One of the greatest challenges facing agrarian Africa today is the conservation of the environment for agriculture which is the backbone of many economies in this continent. Agriculture is dependent on effective environmental conservation. Specifically, Agriculture contributes about 35% of the national incomes of Sub-Saharan countries.

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Kenya is experiencing difficult times, not only in maintaining a healthy environment on which to build its economy, but in other facets of life as well. The population, riddled with HIV/AIDS at increasing rates, is nevertheless still growing at an estimated 2.9 percent per year far faster than food production or the economy is growing. The under-five mortality rate for children on the decline for half a century until recently is steeply on the rise.

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More solutions

Prepare future Generation

Young people are increasingly recognized as the best agents for change because they place a greater hope in their power to shape our future. OutMost Media provides tranferable and valuable media production skills to the future generation.

Learning to research, interview & broadcast boosts the young people’s confidence and builds communication and critical thinking skills. Experience in radio reporting & broadcasting translates to a useable skill set with a wide range of real-life applications from class room to field work experience.

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Meet The Team

Taphine Otieno

Executive Director-Producer

Glory Chigogo

Project Cordinator

Joakim Mukundi

Creative Director-Technology& Innovations

Salma Swaleh

Project Support & Administrative Services

Peter Gatonye

Creative Director- MultiMedia, Brand &Events

Janet Osano

Head of Corporate Support Services & Partnerships

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