The OutMost Media Non-Profit Network Launched

The OutMost Media Non-Profit Network was launched in May 2017 by a bunch of young-at-heart people wanting to socialise with other non-profit folks.

We have created this new network because we simply believe it would be nice for people working for the non-profit sector or for international organisations in humanitarian or development aid to provide an informal platform for regular gatherings to have a chat while sipping a drink.

Anyone can suggest dates and places to meet, rather than us organising everything. Sometimes there might be guest speakers or presentations, on other occasions we will simply have some nibbles and a drink.

Given the very informal character of these meeting, there is usually no subscription necessary. Just come and meet the people in Kenya who are working for a better world. And don’t hesitate to drag your friends and colleagues along!

This network is also targeting for-profit people wanting to change to or volunteer in the non-profit sector.

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