Voice of the Kenyan Youth

It is the time the youth are jolted into action and re-oriented towards constructive change, because it is them who sustain the present and create the future. We have to rise up and demand for change in a positive way. Money or the lack of it should never be an excuse.The youth in Kenya should also change the man-eat-man system which keeps them perpetually in bondage. This will enable individual youths to situate themselves in the quandary and determine where they belong in the debate. Are they agents for positive change or for the continuation of the present moribund neo-colonial system? It is only through such engagement that the propensity towards violence after elections will reduce.

With the political and security situation in Kenya remaining very fragile, there is a grave risk of another wave of conflict unless the concerns of youth are addressed. Therefore there in urgent need to support the efforts of projects that engage youth with a holistic package in addressing the specific concerns of youth and creating a viable environment for young people’s participation in bringing back democratic resolutions, stability and peace in the country. At the end of the day however, the real solutions must come collectively from us, as progressive and democratic young minded Kenyans. I am confident that within our collective memory, we have this huge repository of knowledge, know-how, ideas that if sifted through, can assist us in identifying the necessary building blocks to the kind of a new Kenya most of us have been visioning for quite some time.

A courageous and steadfast belief in the ability of the youth to change today’s world for tomorrow’s brighter future is all that is required. In essence, it is up to the youth of today to reclaim the country from doomsday analysts and naysayers. It is up to us to reclaim the glory of our beautiful country or betray the promise of our future generations. As a Kenyan youth, I am envisioning a new Kenya that respects our democratic constitution; a new Kenya that carries out far reaching economic, social, cultural and political reforms; a new Kenya that recognizes and works for the equality of women and men; a new Kenya that stresses the importance of the country’s youth; a new Kenya that redresses the decades old injustices; a new Kenya that respects and upholds human rights of all people including the poor and marginalized and above all, a new Kenya that respects and upholds democracy.