Communicating for Empowerment

OutMost Media is a Kenyan-based media development and communications organisation. We promote innovative ways of working with rapidly converging media to tackle communications challenges presented by conflict, fragile governance and poverty. OutMost Media delivers high quality advisory, research and analysis using cutting edge multi-media platforms to engage with clients, community and audiences. Through local engagement and long-term project support, we aim to enhance communications resilience and create lasting social change in conflict and development environments. .



OutMost Media in collaboration with experts from development partners help to organize Exchanges, workshops that empower local peacebuilders in conflict regions to utilize low-cost, easy to use technology in supporting peacebuilding efforts. Whether at the local or national level, we bring people together across dividing lines to discover and achieve shared goals. We also work with those traditionally in power and those without a platform, often women and youth. Examples:

  • Application development
  • Mediation
  • Training youth leaders
  • Back channel diplomacy etc



While dialogue affects dozens, media impacts millions. We use media to stir up thoughts and discussions across a whole society about the root causes of violence and how to overcome differences. Examples:

  • Serial Radio & TV dramas
  • Call-in radio shows
  • Videos, and more.



We provide a safe space for people to work out their conflicts at the local level. With some creative thinking, we bring divided communities, neighbors, and families together to discover their common humanit.Examples:

  • Campaign awareness design
  • soccer matches
  • participatory theater
  • festivals shared farming projects & more

Brands & Event Management+

Brands & Event Management

We cover every aspect of multimedia production creative design, communications,digital development and event management. we have continued to grow since inception, adding value to both non profit and corporate clients across the country and the East Africa region. Our multicultural and multi-talented team combines local insights with global thinking in everything they create We meet our clients’ needs and objectives by using our technical expertise in Concept design, Brand Activation, Campaign planning and execution, Brand management and Cost consultancy combined delivery programmes and with wealth of professional and project to deliver comprehensive solutions, every time. We believe in bringing your story to life and connecting your brand with your audience by pushing the boundaries of creativity. Believing the foundations of brand communication are built on big, impactful ideas and engaging storytelling, Outmost Media Group helps you see the bigger picture by creating opportunities for you to take advantage of true integration.

Women Empowerment

Through an innovative radio series, ongoing engagement initiatives through Interactive programs and diverse community mobilization activities, OutMost Media seeks to prevent violence against Kenyan women and girls by addressing social norms, attitudes, and behaviors that perpetuate women’s and girl’s low status.

Through in-depth examination of potential pathways of change, we examine the extent to which characteristics of a woman’s family and in-laws (including attitudes, forced child marriage, reproductive coercion, and decision-making practices) exacerbate women’s and girls’ direct experience of intimate partner violence.